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Fostering in Cheshire East

There are thousands of children who are in need of foster care in the UK, but sadly there are currently not enough foster families for all of them. UK Fostering is dedicated to recruiting nurturing, skilled foster carers who want to make a difference to a child’s life.

Foster care is a way of offering a child a supportive family while their own family may be unable to care for them. At UK Fostering, we work alongside child care experts and professionals to ensure that we support our foster parents to provide the highest standard of care.

Foster caring in Cheshire East Council

Children enter foster care for a variety of reasons, such as bereavement, breakdown of family relationships, neglect, abuse and others. Sometimes children have experienced trauma and can require therapeutic care as a result. Children may have attachment issues or challenging behaviour. At UK Fostering, we offer an extensive range of training courses to enable our foster carers to become skilled and confident, and able to apply that insight and understanding when caring for a child.

Excellent Foster Care at Cheshire East Council

How to foster a child at Cheshire East Council is a question that we at UK Fostering can fully answer for you. With our guidance and support, our cares have been able to help children to make a happy new beginning in their lives.

Why UK Fostering?

UK Fostering offers regular phone calls and home visits, an out of hours service enabling you to be able to contact a social worker at all times, excellent training, a competitive weekly allowance and much more. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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