Catherine Scott -Fostering Manager

November 18, 2015

Catherine has had extensive experience throughout her social work career as a social worker and manager in statutory safeguarding, children in care, and alternative care settings, including foster care and residential care. She has worked in operational roles as Team Manager of Child Safeguarding and Children in Care teams.

She has also worked in Strategic Management, Quality Assurance and Policy Development roles including holding responsibility for serious case reviews. She managed a large program of foster care and residential care for children and young people, and as part of that role managed a busy placement and commissioning team.

She has substantial experience of Program Review and Evaluation, having undertaken evaluations within an academic setting. She also holds experience of working in youth justice settings where she has developed and implemented a program of inspection of standards of care for young people in youth detention.

Catherine has worked as an Independent Practitioner and Consultant to foster care and residential care programs in the Independent Sector and some initiatives she developed as part of this work include setting up an innovative “edge of care” diversionary program for young people at risk, and an intensive support program for young people in care with complex needs.

Catherine has specialised in her passion in the fostering sector for many years now, and she still strives to offer the best services possible to children and young people in foster care.