Shelby Mitchell

November 26, 2016

I entered the world of Social Care on a voluntary basis undertaking various pieces of work with children and parents in the community. Upon qualifying as a teacher I worked with 14 -18 year olds who were on the verge of exclusion or who had been excluded from mainstream school. Those aged 16 + were often living independently, involved with the police, drugs and antisocial behaviour. I taught basic English, Maths, IT, employability and life skills. With regards to the older children I spent time preparing them for going out to work (they would undertake their NVQ Level 1) in different vocations.

I left teaching to return to University to complete my Social Work qualification Since qualifying I have worked within the fostering sector undertaking various different roles. This included assessing and supervising Foster Carers, working therapeutically with children and young people and creating and delivering various different training courses for foster carers.

In 2010 I became the Registered Manager for a Fostering Service. Within this role I managed a team of Supervising Social Workers, Family Placement Support Workers and a pool of Foster Carers. I oversaw and managed the recruitment, support, training and supervision of Foster Carers and the assessment and matching of referrals/children and young people. I fulfilled this role until July 2013 when I was promoted to the Head of Fostering Services. Within this role I lead the development of the Fostering Service and manage and supervise the Family Placement Management Team members. I also managed, updated and ensured the application of a range of QA systems for the Service whilst compiling reports for Ofsted and making sure policies and procedures reflect the requirements of the Fostering NMS and Regulatory framework.

Finally in 2014 I became a Company Director of Fostering Service and joined the Board of Directors, also fulfilling the role of Responsible Individual and Agency Decision Maker for the service.

I have now taken the decision to return to the position of Supervising Social Worker after thoroughly missing the opportunities of working directly with Foster Carers and children and young people. This also allows me more time to spend with my own family.