Claire – Senior Social Worker

Claire joined UK Fostering as a Senior Social Worker in April 2019. Claire studied for a degree in Social Policy from the University of Nottingham and an MA in Social Work from the University of Leicester. Prior to joining UK Fostering Claire worked in Child Protection, Emergency Duty and the Children in Care team for the local authority. As a result of her experience Claire is passionate about safeguarding and achieving positive outcomes for looked after children. Claire has the advantage of understanding the legal processes that looked after children go through in care and the impact that this has on their wellbeing.

Claire has undertaken various vocational training courses during her working experience such as Counselling, Self-Harm and DDP. This contributes to the therapeutic approach she takes to working with children and families.

As a student Claire worked with an independent fostering agency and gained experience of supporting foster carer’s, delivering skills to foster training and completing Form F assessments.

In her spare time Claire enjoys salsa dancing, spending time with her family and friends, travelling and exploring the countryside.