Stella – Recruitment Officer

Hi, my name is Stella, and I started working with UK Fostering in February 2022. I began my young career as a Mechanical/Electrical Engineer until 2000, when I had my first child. My second child began primary school in 2008 and this is when I developed a huge desire to work with children. I began as a Dinner lady and very quickly was given the opportunity to progress to a Teaching Assistant role. Since then, I have been working with children and adults in various settings and situations, my most recent post being in the Mental Health, Addiction and Learning Disabilities section in residential and respite environment. I hope to use my various skills and experiences to make a positive difference to both the children and adults within the fostering community. I believe everybody deserves the help and support to thrive in their chosen environment and if I can inject some positivity, motivation or inspiration in any way to enable this, I will have achieved my initial goal.