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Fostering in Greenwich

If you’re interesting in fostering in London and want to find out more information about how carers within the Borough of Greenwich can help provide foster children in the area with a safe, loving environment, we can help.

Fostering in Greenwich

There are children across London who are faced with difficult circumstances and need to spend time being cared for in a different environment. By placing them in foster homes within their local area, we hope to minimise the disruption to their lives as much as possible.

At UK Fostering we are looking for potential foster parents who are interested in fostering in Greenwich. We provide support to carers in all areas of the Borough, such as Avery Hill, Eltham, Woolwich, Shooters Hill and Plumstead.

Cultural Diversity in London

London is a very diverse and multicultural city, encompassing a wide variety of different religions, cultures and beliefs. The children and young people that we are looking to find care homes for come from a multitude of cultural backgrounds. At UK Fostering we always endeavour to provide the best outcome possible for the child’s wellbeing, and feel it is important to closely match the backgrounds of foster carers and children wherever possible.

Supporting Carers

We believe that by providing our carers with the best possible support, we can ensure that our foster children’s needs are met in full. Foster parents receive training, help through social meetings, access to professional advice, a competitive fostering allowance along with other tools. You can find out more about our foster carer support here.

Still got questions?

If you’ve still got questions or want to find out more about UK Fostering, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. You can request a call back or an information pack on our homepage, or contact us by phone or email.

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