Nick – Care Leaver, Trainer and Fostering Consultant to UK Fostering

I went into foster care when I was 13 years old and stayed with my foster carers for 9 years. I suffered 3 years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of a family member. When I went into foster care I struggled a lot with anger, lack of self-esteem and an overall hatred for myself. My carers, along with other professionals, worked tirelessly to help me overcome the complexed feelings I had about myself and they helped me to come to the realisation that I did not need to be involved in chaotic situations to feel safe. For 5 years contact between my siblings, parents and I was stopped and this contributed to the insecurities and negative behaviours that I had.

Nick Barwick works as a consultant with UK Fostering helping to develop child relevant materials and supporting consultation with children under the care of UK Fostering. Nick also provides training to UK Fostering’s foster carers to help them see the world from the perspective of the child in care