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About UK Fostering

UK Fostering is an independent fostering agency and was set up by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about changing the lives of children. Our aim is to provide children and local authorities with fully trained, compassionate and competent foster care, when they need it most.

How UK Fostering works
We are a fostering service provider used by local authorities in London & the South East, The Midlands, the North West of England and the North East. Foster carers are in huge demand, and local authorities often find they have more children awaiting foster homes than they can accommodate through their own pool of foster carers. We address this problem, providing children with warm, loving foster families through various different placement types, from emergency fostering to long term solutions and more specialised placements such as therapeutic or remand fostering.

Our Fostering Services
The foster carers at UK Fostering have a range of skills and expertise. All fostering families undergo our extensive training programme which is designed to provide them with the tools for a range of different placement types and situations. In addition we offer a support structure which ensures there is always someone available should they need to address any issues or concerns. We believe this is fundamental to the level of care we provide to children and young people. For more information on the different services and fostering placements we offer, please see our Services page.

Our Vision
We have a holistic view of foster care, which encourages a proactive approach to engaging with children in all areas of family life. An activity based approach is central to this; we believe passionately that children’s lives can be transformed through an active lifestyle where they are stimulated and given the chance to grow. Outdoor activities are crucial to this, and foster families are encouraged to engage children in sports and outings, as well as creative pursuits such as playing an instrument, painting or drawing. These activities, combined with a safe, loving environment, can truly change a child’s path in life. For more about our fostering approach, see Our Vision.

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If you’re a local authority in need of our fostering services, or if you’d like to become a foster carer with UK Fostering, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch with us on 0845 222 0518 or request a call back from our website.

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