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Fostering in Tower Hamlets

Fostering in Tower Hamlets

If you are passionate about fostering small children and live in Hamlets, then UK Fostering has an opportunity for you. We are an independent foster care agency which recruits people and train them to become Foster Carers. Our team is committed to changing the lives of foster children for the better.

The need for foster carers

Children need foster care for a lot of different reasons. Such a situation arises when for some reason, the child is separated from his/her family. They might have to bear its consequences in the form of neglect or abuse. For a similar reason, these children look for foster carers who can nurture their growth and look after their well-being.

Foster Parents are the ones who take responsibility for their upbringing and growth unless they are in a position to be a part of their family again.

Tower Hamlets is inviting people to become foster carers and contribute to enhancing the lives of these children.

Foster Carer Support

UK Fostering provides you the complete support and training to enable you to become a skilled foster parent. Our staff is highly professional and experienced who will look after all your requirements. We accept applications from people belonging from different walks of life and give this chance to become a foster parent.

I’m not sure if I am the right fit for fostering; what do I do?

For some people, fostering can be a bit challenging, and UK Fostering completely understands that. It’s very much possible that you find yourself in a fix whether to opt for fostering as a career or not. 

To address your queries, our team of councilors is always there to help and guide you through in all ways possible. They will understand your concerns and diplomatically offer you a solution that would be best for you.

For more queries, kindly contact us on our phone number or directly shoot us an email?

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