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Our vision

At UK Fostering we recognise that children give hope, purpose, joy and delight to their parents and carers. They have a basic need to be protected and nurtured, but it is a sad and undisputable fact that some children grow up under very different circumstances where fear, risk and deprivation are prevalent. UK Fostering is run and managed by people who are passionate about changing the lives of these children.

What we aim to do

At UK Fostering we believe in the importance of creating opportunities for children and young people, enabling them to have happier lives, whilst building confidence and self esteem. An active family life forms the foundation of our approach to care, with foster parents who are keen to spend time with children and lead by example, encouraging and promoting activities inside as well as outside the home.

We strive to make a positive and lasting change in the lives of the children who are entrusted to our care. Our aim is to help children and young people in need of a safe and secure family environment by providing families with loving, caring and skilled people who will go the extra mile, time and again.

Every Child Matters

We also take the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters very seriously, integrating them into our work on a daily basis and ensuring we have done all we can to improve every aspect of a child’s life through the fostering process.

Our Mission

UK Fostering recognises the importance of having a clear mission for our organisation which provides direction, aim and purpose. The mission of UK Fostering is as follows:

Fundamentally we change lives. For those children who have experienced sadness, abuse, neglect and loss we find and support foster families that want to make a positive change to others. We seek those that can offer love, care, understanding, resilience and patience.

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