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Our vision

At UK Fostering we recognise that children give hope, purpose, joy and delight to their parents and carers. They have a basic need to be protected and nurtured, but it is a sad and undisputable fact that some children grow up under very different circumstances where fear, risk and deprivation are prevalent. UK Fostering is run and managed by people who are passionate about changing the lives of these children.


We strive to have a strong and quality driven service, with a growing presence throughout the UK. The development of the organisation has been motivated by our commitment to ensuring that we provide transforming care in the lives of vulnerable children. Our aims are:

  • To develop a fostering service where partnership working, professionalism, respect, integrity and fairness are central to all aspects of the operations and provisions.
  • To always apply a child-centred approach where the welfare of the child is at the centre of everyone’s thinking and actions.
  • To ensure that we safeguard the welfare of every child and young person that we provide with a placement or who lives within the fostering families under our service.
  • To offer service users and Local Authority partner’s safe, high quality, value for money fostering services with tangible, positive, measured outcomes for children.
  • Have a national structure and presence that enables us to maintain our high levels of local, regional and individual safety and support.


  • To ensure children and young people placed with us have a stable and consistent experience of a safe, warm and caring family life, which enhances and maximises their potential.
  • To demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvements, quality assurance and the highest quality provisions.
  • To assist the Local Authorities in improving the wellbeing of children in every aspect of their lives.
  • To make high quality matches between children and foster families where the skills and experience of the foster family provides the foundation for the improvement of the child’s life.
  • To recruit, train and approve foster carers from a broad cultural, religious and ethnic background so that they can be appropriately matched against the needs of the children and young people coming into care.
  • To strongly support and promote social interests and hobbies of children and young people so that they take part in a range of activities and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide a 24-hour service to foster carers and Local Authorities which is responsive, supportive and professional.
  • To regularly consult with children in care so as to monitor their wishes and feelings and make improvements, amendments and changes within the service provision where appropriate.
  • To provide a diverse training programme for foster carers which mirrors the training and development needs of the foster carers in relation to the children and young people.
  • A focus on continuous improvement, quality assurance and high quality service provision. To continually strive for excellence in all we do.
  • To deliver best value to all stakeholders.

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