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Who can foster?

Who Can Foster

When deciding who can foster, a fostering provider will assess a number of different criteria in order to determine who is suitable for the fostering process. At UK Fostering, we look at three distinct areas:

• Physical requirements
• Experience
• Circumstances

We recognise that no two situations are the same and so when we look at a potential foster carer we will usually assess suitability on an individual basis. When doing this, it’s important for an applicant to provide as much information as possible so that we can make an informed decision as to who can foster. Here are some of the aspects we usually consider:

Physical requirements

This relates to your domestic situation and whether you have enough physical space in your home for another child to live comfortably with the family. For example, having a spare room for a foster child to call their own is extremely important. Young people and children need space, whether it’s to play, study or relax, this must be provided by a foster carer. Similarly, it’s important that a home is already harmonious and a family is warm and receptive to new members joining the dynamic. For more, see our Physical Requirements to Foster.


A foster carer must have the skills and experience to deal with children and young people. This might mean they have cared for children in a professional capacity, or it might mean experience with their own children or those of friends and relatives. If you aren’t sure whether you have the required experience you can look at our page on Skills to Foster.


When deciding who can foster it’s important to take into account people’s individual circumstances and whether they are in the right position to become a foster carer. This may mean being in a stable relationship, or simply having the skills and resources to provide a loving, stable environment to a child. We don’t see differences such as religion, marital status or sexuality as barriers to fostering however we will always put the child first and ensure the person would be suitably matched to a potential foster child. For more information see our Fostering Criteria page.

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