Finding information about your care file -

August 21, 2012

Please find below an answer to a question we were asked from a person who was once in care and wanted to find out what information was held about her by the local authority:

Dear xxx

Thanks for your message. I am sorry to hear how your past has made you feel. Whether it provides any comfort, there are many people in today’s society who have become adults and remain confused about their past and often angry about the decisions that were made on their behalf. Piecing it all together can be a cumbersome and sometimes slow task but ultimately when you do so we hope you will be able to find some level of closure. Remember, you can’t change your past but you can always change your future. Have a look at this link we have provided for the Information Commission. This tells you your rights to request information and provides you with a template you could use in requesting this information. You will need to know which local authority were responsible for you when you were young. If you are aware of which local authority, you can contact them as advised by the Information Commission.

We hope this helps and we wish you the best of luck

Kind regards