Holidays -

May 9, 2013

Is going abroad your idea of a holiday? Perhaps a budget caravan at the coast, or maybe camping under the stars! We all have our own ideas of what constitutes a family holiday.

Does the place make the holiday, the people that go with you or is it just the fact that whilst on holiday the alarm doesn’t sound every morning telling you to get up now and get ready for work or school?

Whatever the reason of why a holiday is important to you, suffice to say we all need one even if it be a few nights away somewhere.

It is not unusual for children to come into foster care and for the foster carer to learn that they have never had a holiday of any sort. This could be due to significant financial difficulties within the birth family environment but more often than not one sign of a general neglect of the needs of a child and human need in general.

As family finances continue to stretch further and further, the possibility of a holiday this year may seem further and further away from happening. So what are the options?

A number of national newspapers are offering vouchers to be collected for cheap holidays. We’ve tried it. Salubrious was not the word but fun family holiday it remained and it certainly was what you would call ‘affordable’.  will offer great deals from time to time for the last minute traveller seeking a last minute holiday or hotel deal.

And for those of you who simply don’t have the time, ability or desire take a holiday; have a look at the side of your cereal box, there are a number of 2 for 1 deals for UK attractions and theme parks which offer brilliant savings and a great day out for less.

Finally for all foster carers have a look at where there are numerous discounted opportunities, days out and holidays for foster families who sign up for annual membership. And remember, always seek permission from the child’s social worker before you book!

Why don’t you share with us in the comment section what makes a holiday for you?