Guy Fawkes Family Fun

October 29, 2012

>The crackle of sparklers, wintery air and fireworks unfurling across the city skyline make Bonfire night in London a uniquely atmospheric family event.

‘For those Fostering in and around London, it also offers a chance to enjoy a great outdoor experience with the whole family,’ says Urs Bielmann of UK Fostering.

To find a good local firework display, add spark to your family outing and keep your toes toasty, use UK Fostering’s micro-guide:

Firework Displays

Larger displays will take place on Saturday 3rd November while others are scheduled for Monday 5th. Look out for cost. Some events are free while others charge. Check out Timeout’s firework guide or or for London’s main displays.

Stay snug

Aside from wrapping up warm and a compulsory hat and gloves for the kids, take a hot flask of tea plus and/or a flask of soup and bread to keep your family toasty. Alternatively pack a wintery high-energy meal thats easy to eat on the move such as baked potatoes with a filling mashed inside and wrapped in foil.

Sparkle safely

According to The Child Accident Prevention Trust sparklers burn at 20 times the boiling point of water. Give sparklers to children aged over 5-years who understand the dangers, making sure they wear gloves and supervise at all times. Extinguish sparklers in pots of water. Under fives can use glow-sticks as a safe alternative.

Bonfire Fun

While large bonfires are likely to be cordoned off for safety, smaller events may have bonfires that allow you to gather round. If you’re going to be at one of these, you could take squewers with a packet of marshmallows to chargrill. Kids love the excitement of fire and cooking on it is a great way to engage them. Supervise very closely at all times.