Independent support for foster carers

February 7, 2013

Fostering is not only a rewarding task, but it can also be very challenging, testing and at times energy draining. That is why it is very important that we focus on providing reliable support to foster families, which can really make a difference in solving problems, working through issues and keeping placements of children and young people stable.  There is nothing worse for as foster family than feeling unsupported by their fostering agency. At UK Fostering we provide support in a number of ways including through an allocated supervision social worker, access to managers, peer support, training but also through an independent organisation called Foster Talk.

Foster Talk

UK Fostering provides all its foster carers with a membership of Foster Talk which gives them access to a variety of support elements which include the following:


  • Legal Advice Service for carers, 24h access. Foster carers can use this service as often as they like or need to. The advice they can provide is not restricted to fostering but includes banking, holidays, immigration, commercial, criminal and many more
  • Education Advisory Service: This includes advice on a number of issues relating to education such as school admission and appeals, exclusions and appeals, special needs and how to access additional support. It also includes a vast range of online Learning tools for all age ranges, with worksheets and mock tests.
  • Foster Carer Discounts: Foster carers have access to an impressive range of discount offers from high street retailers such as Argos, theme parks e.g. Alton Towers , holiday arrangements, car hire, gym and many, many more.
  • Independent Financial Advice
  • Medical and First Aid Helpline
  • Foster Carer Legal Expense Insurance
  • Arrest and Interview Assistance
  • Foster Carer Counselling Helpline

If you want to find out more about Foster Talk just click here.