Pinball Kids – what’s new?

July 3, 2018

In the news today, the Children’s Commissioner’s Office has published a statement saying, ‘Thousands of ‘pinball kids’ are being moved around the care system with too much instability’ and points out that most LAC experienced one or more moves during 2016/17. As professionals we already know this; we know that instability causes additional psychological harm to already vulnerable children and young people. By careful matching and support we at UK fostering are doing are best to achieve stability for LAC however, more is needed. We all know a child who has waited months for a CAMH’s referral when they need the support now. Talk is easy, but many children are significantly damaged when placed and there is often a lack of information in referrals leading to unsuitable placements being made. Most carers do not want to give up on children and only do so as a last resort. If mores services were available children might have the chance of more stability – what are your thoughs.