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Fostering in Liverpool

At UK Fostering, our foster carers provide for children the nurturing and care that comes with being part of a loving family. Under UK Fostering’s guidance, our foster carers change children’s lives for the better.

Becoming a foster carer Liverpool City Council requires the skills, time and motivation to provide care for a looked after chid. It entails being compassionate and means having to care for children in every possible way. Children in foster care are afforded the opportunity to make positive progress, physically and psychologically.

Often, we see children from broken and abusive families who have never known a life outside of fear or neglect. UK Fostering in Liverpool City Council enable children and young people to overcome a less than happy start in life. Being in care and going to live with strangers can be a scary and daunting experience for children, and they require warm and empathetic carers who can make the process as easy as possible for them.

UK Fostering offers an extensive list of training courses each year to ensure that our carers are fully prepared for all aspects of fostering a child. We offer specific training courses to enable our carers to have the skills to look after a range of different placements, from mother and baby, to caring for a child with autism to caring for a child with attachment issues.

Interested in becoming a foster carer? You have come to the right place

In their early and developing years, it is extremely important that children have access to a safe, secure home and a loving family. The basic requirements to foster include having at least one spare bedroom in your home and having the time, skills and motivation to care for a child.

We have been providing outstanding foster care services in Liverpool City Council, and nationwide, for several years now, and have managed to help many children blossom into stable and happy young adults. If you wish to make a real change to a child’s life, get in touch with us today to find out about the fostering application process.

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