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Our services

By working closely alongside local authority teams, UK Fostering is able to consistently achieve positive outcomes for the children in placement with us. There are some key attributes which are central to the way we work. These include:

• Respect for each other
• Integrity
• Working in partnerships
• Professionalism
• Enjoyment and pride in what we do

Our services

UK Fostering offer a variety of fostering placements for children and young people, who for a number of reasons are unable to live at home with their families. We aim to offer a flexible service in order to meet the assessed needs of the child and their family, and to help fulfil the aims of the child’s care plan.

Our carers are highly trained, many with a wealth of experience enabling them to meet the needs of children with challenging behaviours or special requirements. We offer our foster carers a comprehensive training programme designed to give them all the tools necessary to manage the fostering process and attend to the needs of the children entrusted to their care. We also understand the need for our foster carers to feel supported and valued, and we offer professional support networks to provide this.

The different fostering services we offer include:

• Short term fostering and bridging placements
• Planned long term fostering
• Emergency fostering placements
• Therapeutic fostering placements
• Respite placements
• Remand placements

For a full list, see our page Types of Fostering.

Our outlook

We encourage a very proactive approach to engaging with children and young people. We firmly believe that an activity based approach can open up a wealth of opportunities for children and young people. This can be achieved, for example, through sport, outdoors activities, creative pursuits such as playing an instrument, painting, drawing, creative play and other activities.

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