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Quality assurance

UK Fostering has a strong commitment to achieving Best Quality in all its activities and as such we review our policies, practices and procedures on a regular, on-going basis. Under the guidance of Fostering Regulations and statutory legislation, we have clear procedures for monitoring and controlling our own fostering activities and ensuring quality performance.

Our Quality Assurance extends to several areas of the business:


We offer our foster carers a robust package of training, covering all the aspects of fostering from the day to day management of the fostering task to more specialised aspects such as the therapeutic side of foster care. In doing so we hope our foster carers are among the best in their field. We offer a competitive rate of pay in order to support their efforts financially and allow them to provide the best possible care to the children they look after.


We assess our foster carers according to their ability to deliver a quality fostering service. Our fostering assessment process involves a panel made up of people from diverse skill sets and backgrounds, giving us the ability to assess a potential foster carer from all viewpoints and from an objective point of reference.

Continuous Improvement

UK Fostering sets out to continuously improve its services on a day to day basis. Internally we monitor our own success by adhering to national fostering standards and policies. We work alongside other fostering stakeholders such as the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) to ensure we are up to date in industry movements and standards at all times. We view Ofsted inspections as opportunities to grow as a fostering provider and our team see these inspections and their results as positive ways to improve on the service we offer.


In order to attain the highest possible quality of service, we also provide an excellent support network to our foster carers so that issues and obstacles can be listened to and overcome through working together. In this way we can address the needs of each child and ensure they are placed with a family who feels valued and enriched as a result of being a part of UK Fostering.

If you have any more queries regarding our quality assurance procedures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at UK Fostering. We’re happy to tell you more about our fostering services and how we achieve our high quality standards.

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