Poem – The One Route To Education -

November 24, 2014

boy fixing car

One Route to Education

Feeling so tired, opportunity bare,
Everyone telling me that I really should care,
But I don’t see a future, it’s not worth the fight,
It’s a new chance for failure, try as I might.

They say to go back, to catch up on those years,
To finally get moving and move up the gears,
It all sounds so easy as it comes to their mind,
I hate them for pushing but I know they are kind.

They’re too optimistic, their path is all set,
I haven’t my own, well not got one yet,
It’s a fight with myself and a fight I’m not losing,
Protecting against adding to self-esteem bruising.

You see it’s the schooling it’s not right for me,
I’m rubbish in lessons it’s always a D,
But I’m good with my hands and fixing things too,
Of making things work or making things new.

Why can’t I choose to do things that I like,
Of fixing some cars or fixing a bike,
Or building a table or building a shed,
More about doing and less being read.

I know what they’re saying they haven’t a choice,
The government says so, so where is my voice?
We are not all the same and I wish they could see,
To let me do something to let me be me!

Poem reflecting the challenges the education system presents to some young people where mainstream academic learning can work to erode self-esteem and alienate some within society. Questioning whether a more subjective approach to learning and development of young people could make a positive difference and foster better outcomes.

Tim McArdle