Trip of a lifetime to India for a child in care sponsored by Ukindo -

November 28, 2014

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As some of you may know I, Tim McArdle am also the co-founder of the charity Ukindo . Although Ukindo an an entity is fairly new, I have supported children in care to travel to India for the last ten years, spending time in IB School in Rohtak and experiencing the incredible and vibrant culture that India offers. In previous years the opportunity was made available to children placed with the agency I was working for but also the offer was shared with local authorities for them to make their nominations of children they thought may benefit and deserve the opportunity. This year we have already identified one child but have one additional place available.

More details about the trip

The trip with be a cultural experience opportunity in Mid January 2015 which will include spending some days attending school lessons in IB school in Rohtak, attending and participating in a Ukindo fundraising event, some general sightseeing and an opportunity to explore the wondrous diverse culture of India.

We know from taking children in care to India before that it an immeasurable life experience that adds perspective, motivation and a great deal of learning for those lucky enough to be chosen. Many children grow in confidence and self-esteem as a result of representing the UK in these visits. We hope this year to create the same experience.

All costs of the journey including flights, accommodation and food are covered by Ukindo. Young people can bring spending money if they wish.

Two children will be travelling in total and they will be accompanied and supported by a social worker at all times.

The two young people and a social worker will be staying in a residential building within the IB School grounds.

All food will be provided to the children. Opportunities will be available to enjoy local food, but a range of foods will be available.

Will include:
• School lessons in the classroom with other IB School students
• Sports activities in the school grounds
• Attending and participating in a Ukindo fundraising event
• Cultural sightseeing activities (details to be confirmed).

Who is Eligible?

• Must be aged 14 -18
• Must be in positive place in their lives and able to represent themselves as UK ambassadors safely and properly
• Must already have a passport in order to obtain a visa in December 2014
• Must be keen to attend (not just because a carer or SW thinks it would be a good idea)


Of course any trip of this sort requires consent of the local authority who remain the corporate parent of the child. Consent may also be required of the child’s parent too.

What do I do next?

If your foster child, or you yourself as a foster child would like to be considered, we would advise you to contact the authorised local authority Social Worker and request them to email us with a description as to why you they think the nominated child would be deserving / suitable for this trip. They can also ask any questions. Nominations are to be sent to [email protected] by the 5th December 2014.