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Fostering in London

Fostering in London

Do you live in London? Do you feel passionate about supporting children who have experienced difficult and often traumatic starts in their lives? Do you have what it takes to provide a loving and warm environment to help children move towards more positive futures.

The need for foster carers

There are over 65,000 children in foster care across England at any point in time. Foster carers are required in all locations as social issues, family dysfunction, abuse and neglect are problems common across all communities in the UK. Across London is no different in that there are not enough foster carers available to help children remain placed in their local area, near schools, family and friends.

UK Fostering has high expectations of its foster carers. As well as the more practical considerations such as a spare bedroom required for a child, UK Fostering carers must be passionate and committed to change the lives of children. They need to have the patience to understand that children who have suffered trauma may have complex needs, that require time and dedication of loving foster carers.

Foster Carer Support

UK Fostering understands that changing the lives of children is a team effort. You would not be expected to go it alone. We offer 24 hour support, training, practical guidance and other help and encouragement as required. We are passionate about providing the best possible care for children placed within our service. We hope you would be too and that we might be able to start that journey together.

I’m not sure if I am suitable, what do I do?

Contacting UK Fostering does not mean you are committed to foster. Each stage requires exploration on both sides. We are experienced in talking to people who are interested and don’t know exactly what to do, what to ask, what we need and what it’s all about. Don’t worry, you only need to contact us and we will guide you through the process and help you decide if fostering is right for you.

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