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Fostering in West London

Fostering in West London
The demand for foster carers in West London is significant. As a large region of the capital city there are various demographics of people with varying socioeconomic challenges. There is vast wealth and prosperity but also significant deprivation manifesting itself in issues such as neglect, alcohol and drug abuse and an inability by some individuals and families to keep children safe.

Fostering Children in West London
As an agency, we help provide supportive family homes to children and young people from various backgrounds and a broad range of family and personal circumstances. Whether you live in Barnet or Hounslow, Hillingdon or Ealing, there is a need for foster carers in West London who are resilient and able to provide a loving home environment where a child can work through their issues and become happy, educated and productive young adults.

Youth Offending and Gang Culture
Whilst we foster children of all ages, we are desperate to find foster carers who are willing and able to care for children who have followed the wrong path in life, be it through poor choices or simply living in an environment where it is hard or impossible to enjoy a ‘proper’ childhood. As a society we often make judgements about young people without really understanding their position. Can you see past their past?

Types of Fostering
West London has a massive population and as an organisation we seek foster carers who can help support children in an emergency, also long term carers, disability carers, youth offending carers and carers who know they have the strength to make a difference.

London Culture: Fostering Diversity
Fostering in London means caring for children from a wide range of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. UK Fostering recognises that children need to be placed with those who understand their religious or cultural needs, and as such our foster carers come from all walks of life. We try to ensure the needs of these children are always addressed through the matching process, where we will endeavour to place a child with someone form the same religion or background where possible.

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