LGBT+ Fostering & Adoption Week

March 4, 2021

LGBT+ Fostering & Adoption Week runs from 1-7 March and is run by New Family Social, to encourage people from the LGBT+ community to consider fostering or adoption, as unfortunately, many people still believe that they, as an LGBTQ+ person or couple, are not able to foster or adopt.

At UK Fostering we are pleased to say we have many examples of LGBT, single and couple, households demonstrating on a daily basis the positive contributions made to child’s lives through fostering.

The basic need to love, care, offer stability and continuity can be met by any individual or couple who has that capacity to offer.

If becoming a foster carer is something that you are considering, then please get in contact.  We would be happy to discuss further with you.

We also have a great blog by a same-sex couple currently fostering with us at UK Fostering, that may also interest you.  Please see David & Vinay’s blog via the link below